Use case

Built for document authentication

Quirver provides the digital tool you need to make your documents tamper-free, and save time on verfication.

Smart digital code

Utilize smart code technology for your documents

Unlock the real value of the QR code. Seal important documents with a customized smart digital code that offers quick result upon verification. Get your documents authenticated.


Make your documents tamper-proof

Give your business document the much needed security by encoding its information and preventing it from being altered.

 Give invoices tamper-proof security

Show that your invoices are valid and can be verified with custom authentication code.

 Protect receipt against alteration

Issue genuine receipts to your customers. Make sure to embed customized authentication code to prove its authenticity.

 Embed strong security in your sale orders

Let your sale order come with authentication as prove of its validity.


Maximize authentication services for genuine documents

Get custom digital seal for documents issued for academic purposes. Exploit the ideal technology to strengthen the security of academic documents as prove of its genuineness.

 Digital seal for Certificates

Ensure certificates issued are encoded with the 2-D matrix code as an authentication measure which is made verifiable to prove the validity of the certificate.

 Let your receipts bear digital code for its security

Give your receipts strong security layer that is secure, safe and will guard your receipts against tampering. Your receipts can be verified quickly, thus saving time.

 Give ID documents digital security

In order to ensure that ID card documents are not forged, use the static QR code to authenticate the ID card documents.

Easily produce permits with high security

We have built the platform to help you create invites for your events, with the technology to monitor and prevent duplication.

Event permit requires comprehensive registration of event and invitees. Learn more >

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