The digital toolkit for authentication

Securing your documents against any alteration and forgery is our focus; so we provide you with a simple digital authentication platform to authenticate and manage your docments.


We offer you...

Simple, robust authentication

Document authentication and security made simple. Digitally generate and secure your documents with a powerful code. Once authenticated, information on the document cannot be modified.

Quick and accurate verification

Verification is fast, direct, exact and accurate without alteration. Save valued time with quick response code and get accurate result upon verification.

Customized digital code

Uniquely generate digital code for your document

Harness the strength of the QR code technology. Give your documents the needed authentication. Ensure that information on the document is sealed, true and accurate using a direct, straightforward, robust and secured code.

Embed your code with an identifier


...of course there's more

Document authentication and security made simple. Digitally generate and secure your documents with an encoding and electronic signature.

Straightforward Dashboard

Your dashboard provides you with detailed information to help you keep track and improve your processes.


Increase efficiency and minimize time, human resources with simple and flexible digital solutions.

Document management control

Control unauthorized authentications and Oversee documents that are confirmed. You can take action, where neccessary on documents that are not worthy of validation.

Digital signature upload

Users can suitably make use of their digital signatures on their invoices and receipts with ease. Digital signature feature adds an extra layer of security.

Manage authorized users

Manage other authorized users. Be in charge, conveniently monitor the number of users registered within your account and their activities. Efficiency is ensured when workload is reduced.

Document formats support

Almost all documents come in .docx or .pdf formats, and our platform supports the commonly and widely used document formats.

Simple and cost effective

We have the most fair and clear-cut pricing, structured on units present in your account's wallet which is used to generate authentication code. Explore our automated solutions that authenticates documents in one click.

Ready to get started?

Create a free account and start authenticating and securing your documents, as well as keep track of authenticated documents straight away.