Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Introduction and Summary

This Privacy Policy as part of Quirver’s Terms of Use, describes the privacy practices and rights regarding Quirver’s collection, usage, storage, sharing and protection of personal information. This Data Privacy, and Protection (the “Privacy Policy”) will help you understand how we use your information. It explains when and how Quirver collects end user and client information, how we use such information, and the circumstances under which we may disclose such information to others. This Privacy Policy includes the policies that Quirver observes for compliance with laws in Nigeria. Your privacy is of paramount importance to Quirver. This policy applies to all services offered by Quirver. It also applies to all forms of systems, operations and processes within the Quirver environment that involve the collection, storage, use, transmission and disposal of Personal Information.

Quirver's Services are designed to serve organizations and businesses who deal with document issuance. Individuals are not offered such service. Personal data are processed at the direction of and on behalf of Client. We respect the privacy of our online visitors and registered users (“Users”) as such we will take reasonable steps to protect your information. To use our web application or any of our products or services, your consent is required for the use of your data as described in this Privacy Policy

Quirver (“we”, “us”, “our”) is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of businesses and organizations in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation. This Privacy Notice is designed to give you an insight into the information we gather and use on our privacy practices, the measures we take to protect the security of the data and to help you understand your rights and choices when we collect or process your Data.

This Privacy Notice is applicable to the Services offered by Quirver and being accessed by you.

1. The Information collected

Data collected from you depends on how you interact with us, and our services you use. We may access or collect information from different sources, including information you provide directly.

Data collected, use or process may be:

Identity Data

Information such as, your business or organization's full name, government-issued identity/document. This data is to enable us to verify your identity in order to offer our Services to you. We may also collect copy(ies) of your passport, driving licence or other any government-issued identity card, or any other registration information you may provide to prove you are eligible to use our Services and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contact Data

This includes contact address, email address, contact number, and billing details. We require this data to reach out to you for the purpose of providing our Services to you and verifying your login requests.


If you contact us directly, for example, with an inquiry or a support request, we may receive additional personal data about you, including your email address and the content of your communications.

Log/Technical Data

When you access Quirver's services, our system may record information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website, log-in information, internet protocol (IP) address, location etc.

Information Usage

To help us understand how you use our Services, including the Demo portion of our web applicaition, and to help us improve them, we receive information about your interactions with our Services. This information includes records of your transactions and information about your other activities related to our services, such as date and time of your sessions, the pages you view, links to/from any page, and time spent in a session.

How we use your Data

We use your Data collected to:

1. Manage account you may have created with us, verify your identity, provide our Services, and respond to your inquiries as well.

2. Communicate with you about improved or additional features, and products of Quirver.

3. Respond to your questions or requests

4. Send communications on service updates (service support, downtime and/or regulatory notice);

5. Improve features, web application content and analyse data to develop products and services

6. Communicate with you to resolve an inquiry, complaint or concerns within your account.

7. Prevent, detect and manage risk against fraud and illegal activities using internal and third party tools

8. Resolve issues related to the use of our web application

9. Establish, exercise and defend legal rights, as necessary;

10. Maintain up-to-date records

In relation to other purposes, for which we provide specific notices at the time of collection.

Data protection rights

Under the Data Protection Legislation, your rights as a User in relation to your Personal Data are as follows:

Right to be informed on how we process your data. Our privacy Information explains our privacy policies.

Right to correct or rectify any Personal Data that you provide which may be incorrect, out of date or inaccurate. You also have the right to ask us to update information you think is incomplete or outdated.

Right to request for access to all or copies of your Personal Data by signing into your Account or contacting us. We will not give you personal data we hold on other individuals.

Right to ask or make a request in writing that Quirver delete or erase your Personal Data. Please note that this is a limited right which applies where the continued processing of your Personal Data has no legal justification.

Right to not be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.

Any intention to exercise any of your rights mentioned above, please do not hesititate to contact us at In the event of an uncetainty about your identity, we will ask for proof of your identity for security reasons, upon dealing with your request. Where a third party exercises any of these rights on your behalf, sufficient proof would be required as consent that you have authorised them to act on your behalf.

Data Security

Your Data security is important to us, and we are ever committed to protecting the information we collect. We maintain administrative, technical and physical controls designed to protect the information you provide, or we collect against loss or theft, as well as against any unauthorised access, risk of loss, disclosure, copying, misuse or modification.

We have other measures to secure your data, which include, but not limited to, secure servers, data encryption and granting access only to specific employees in order to fulfil their job responsibilities.

We strongly advise that you always strong passwords which will require a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerical and special characters). Do not, under any circumstance release or share your password with anyone, and that your login credentials are kept confidential at all times.

We are dedicated to conducting our business in line with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of your Data is protected and maintained at all times. We would take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Data is secured and protected.

We will only retain Personal Data on our servers for as long as is reasonably necessary as long as we are providing Services to you. If you close your Account, your data is stored on our database to the extent necessary to comply with regulatory. Where we retain your Data, we do so in compliance with limitation periods or retention obligations imposed by applicable law.

Updates to our privacy notice

We may change, edit or review our Privacy Policy if new services or feature are added or changes made, and update accordingly the Privacy Policy update on our web application. All changes made will be communicated to Clients via clients' email addresses.