Providing the technology for document security

Quirver is not just an application for document authentcation. It is a technique for security of documents, guarding against document tampering, controlling access to documents and lots more!

About Quirver
The simplified solution for document security

Quirver (Quick Response Verification) is a project of Josmade Global services, driven by the passion to ensure that documents are digitally secured and authenticated. Leveraging technology, we provide a platform where documents can be generated, verified and monitored for any alteration, with controlled access.

Quirver's objective is to provide a simple, but robust authentiation system for documents for many organizations, institutions and individuals, by providing a comprehensive quick response technology software tool for authentication. Our all-in-one authentication technology tool is designed to achieve the goal of reducing the time taken to verify documents.

Our Core

To provide the solution to document security, and combat alteration and forgery


Accelerating the verification of documents by providing a digital seal for authencation


Efficiency, Security, Support, Safety, Transparency, Trust

The Outfit

We are a unit of innovators whose drive is to create new things, and we believe in teamwork, hardwork and perseverance

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Private individuals

Create custom documents with secured authentication.

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