Simplifying documents authentication

Built to provide authentications for documents, quirver delivers the technology that will make document verification processes quicker.

About Quirver

The simplified solution for document authentication

Quirver (Quick Response Verification), a project of Josmade technology services was built out of the need to ensure that verification of documents are done in a quick, safe and secure way, with the use of a 2-Dimensional digital code. Leveraging technology, we provide a platform where documents can be generated and authenticated, with controlled access.

Quirver's objective is to provide a simple, but robust documents authentication and management system for businesses and organizations, by providing a comprehensive quick response software tool for authentication.

Vision and Mission

Redefining documents authentication

Documents, more often exchange hands during transactions, whether we purchase goods or services, or whatever businesses we transact. They're often the way to show that goods or services were actually exchanged. In a society where transactions are done frequently, and documents are issued as prove. Verifications of these documents are often times delayed.

We envision a digital infrastructure where documents can be authenticated for quicker, seamless verification. Therefore, Quirver was built: to provide solution to documents authentication for businesses and organizations. We recognize the need to give business documents a layer of security that is capable of encoding large amount of document data, and disseminating accurate information upon verification. Our mission is not just to authenticate, but provide document management and an up-to-date monitoring system. We want verification of documents to be done in the quickest time possible, that is why we aim to fully maximize the QR code technology to make the process of verification effortless, while saving time.


Our core values

Wielding successful transformation

As a unit guided by passion towards bringing digital solutions, we are driven by these values that shape us towards achieving success and growth.


For us, it's about how well. Be efficient. Strive to be the best. Maximize every piece of the puzzle. Deliver further on your services in the most efficient manner.


Work openly. Criticism pushes you towards great achievements, be ready to accept it. Open your mind and accept new ideas. Interact and engage freely. Be honest in what you do.


We take not just the security of everything as utmost important but very much go extra level to make sure that organization's information are safe all times and always.

The Team

A unit of diverse people

We are a unit from different pro backgrounds aimed at providing solution to issues related to verification of documents with the use of technology, and collectively we bring ideas towards helping organizations and businesses authenticate and secure their documents against alteration or tampering.