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How we authenticate

Our document authentication is really simple!

Authenticating Documents doesn't take a lot of skill. Having documents authenticated is clear and simple, remarkably great as means of proving that it's genuine. Here are simple steps to authenticate your documents.


Prepare your document

· For in-built Templates

Make use of the invoice, receipt, ID card and invite templates with basic data fields. Templates contain organization name, logo and date accordingly, except receipient Name.

· For completed documents

If you already have completed invoice, receipt, ID card, ceritficate or invite, you can simply upload for authentication.


Click to authenticate

· For Templates

Once you are done with filling out the data in any of the templates, click to finish and your document will be sealed automatically.

· Uploads

After uploading related document (make sure to upload acceptable file format), document will display. Then with the sinlge click of a button, your document will be authenticated.


Your document is ready

· Print Document

Once your document has been digitally encoded, you can download it for onward printing.

· Send to recipient

An optional feature has been provided to send invoice or receipt directly to recipient's email.

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