Single Authentication

20 Credit units

Unique authentication for each document
Easy verification of document

Bulk Authentication (Event invite)

2,000 Credit units

One time authentication for multiple event access documents
Easy verification of document

How does this work?

Credit units are the means by which documents gets authenticated on Quirver.

Take a peep

When you purchase credit units, it reflects in your account immediately:

What you get


Instant and automatic unit settlement

No hidden fees or charges

Zero maintenance fee

Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost to open a Quirver account?

Opening an account is completely free, no fee required.

Do you have subscription feature for bulk authentication?

No. We only have a credit system where your account gets credited based on the payment amount.

Can I make payment in foreign currency?

For now, there is no provision for foreign currency payment. However, we look forward to adding that feature to our system.

How does the bulk authentication work?

You get to use the specified credit units for bulk authenticaations. You only get to be charged a round credit figure which can be used to authenticate event entry access.